Warm Feet Kit relaxation for better circulation

The WarmFeet Relaxation Improves Blood Flow To The Feet Which Provides Healing And Pain Relief, Holistically 

Do you have foot sores (ulcers) that are slow to heal?

• Do you have pain in your legs and feet?

• Is it hard to walk a distance without stopping?

WarmFeet® will improve healing and relieve pain.  This practice will complement much medical care prescribed by your physician. Your first step should be to talk to your physician or foot care professional to see if WarmFeet® relaxation or Circulation Meditation, which increases blood flow to your skin, hands and feet, is right for you.

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"Meditation is the hope I seek with WarmFeet . This is a renewed attempt to get better circulation to my feet, thank you."

Bruce in Canada

“I trust in the power of the mind,  as its own alchemist with the body feeling emotional optimism and having that vibration. You helped in giving me encouragement.” Phyllis in California

WarmFeet® is all natural, an alternative, noninvasive intervention, no pharmaceuticals are used. It engages the mind-body to improve blood flow to your feet . YOU are the one in charge of learning and practicing this technique for your own health and well-being.

What is WarmFeet®?

It is a standardized relaxation technique designed to take advantage of the body’s natural relaxation response, which dilates the peripheral blood vessels and improves circulation in the hands and feet.

1.Learning to relax is the first step of the Circulation Meditation: The guided relaxation recording prompts the client to release tension through conscious muscle relaxation and breathing. Breathing out (exhaling) is the relaxing part of the breathing rhythm.

2. The second step involves visualization, in which a person imagines comfort or warmth around his feet. Visualization, or forming a mental image, is often used in stress reduction and self-healing and has played a successful role in the treatment of various illnesses. It is particularly effective to use when the body is in a relaxed state.

“Thinking warm” allows the feet to feel even warmer or more at ease. Your body knows what “warm” feels like and the increased skin temperature will follow. Healthy outcomes or desired healing can also be visualized. Remembering the beauty and strength of the legs and feet at an earlier age is another very encouraging and powerful image. The WarmFeet® recording suggests various images that can be used during the visualization portion of the meditation session.

3. The third key component of the WarmFeet® intervention is called assisted temperature biofeedback. Biofeedback is a method by which people use measured information about changes in bodily processes to gain conscious control over normally unconscious physiological (bodily) functions such as skin temperature. In this case, assisted temperature biofeedback means measuring skin temperature at a specific site (such as a soft finger tip or fleshy part of the big toe) before relaxation and then again afterward. This before-and-after setup allows the relaxation time to be spent relaxing, rather than worrying about a temperature change on a thermometer.

Recording a temperature increase (in a log) at the end of practicing the WarmFeet® technique shows that a more relaxed state has been reached. Remembering how this relaxed state feels and then aiming to improve on that sensation next time, strengthens the person’s ability to achieve the desired outcome. Increased temperature and the shorter time it takes to achieve it, is a sign that the skill of relaxation is improving.

Keeping a log of temperature changes from time to time helps and reinforces the development of this new skill. We all need encouragement for our efforts and seeing the increased skin temperature is a powerful motivator.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”- Jim Ryun

“WarmFeet® is a complementary, educational, all natural,  holistic, non-pharmaceutical treatment which increases peripheral circulation!

YOU are the one in charge of learning and practicing the technique regularly, for a sustained effect!

The power is there within you!”